Guite Excels on the Ice, in the Classroom

Education has always been an important aspect of Ben Guite’s life. The Montreal native recently graduated from the University of Maine with a Master's in Business Administration, a level of accomplishment rare among professional athletes. With the unique blend of his parent’s support and his own hard work and determination, Guite was able to excel academically while continuing to pursue his dream of playing in the NHL.

Guite started playing hockey as a child following in the footsteps of his father, Pierre, who played professionally in the late ‘70s. “I always loved playing the game,” Guite said. “I’ve wanted to play in the NHL since I was a boy.”

His talent and athleticism led him to play all four years as a Black Bear at the University of Maine despite being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens after his freshman year. Guite’s decision to attend college came down to two things: guidance from his father and a desire for education. “My dad went the major junior way when he was young,” Guite said. “After his experience he said if he had a son, he’d send him to the states to play in college.”

Playing major juniors in Canada wasn’t as conducive to a school schedule as he would’ve liked. “I wanted to be able to keep playing hockey on the highest level of competition possible, but still be able to finish school,” Guite said. “In NCAA hockey, you’re playing the best of the best in the country.”

Despite the lingering potential of playing in the NHL, Guite stayed focused on his primary goal, achieving a degree. “I was drafted after my freshman year,” Guite said. “In the back of my mind it was always there, but not once did going pro early cross my mind. School was important to me and I had to finish.”

After graduating from Maine, the Montreal Canadiens called upon Guite and offered him a contract. “I still wanted to play hockey, so that was the next step,” he said.

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