Salute to Uranus

Milwaukee, WI– On March 13th, 1781, everyone’s second favorite planet from the sun, Uranus, was discovered by Sir Frederick William Herschel. To honor this day in history the Admirals are proud to announce Salute To Uranus Night. The special occasion will take place Wednesday March 13th at the BMO Harris Bradley Center when the Ads battle the Peoria Rivermen at 7:00pm.

“We all owe a debt of gratitude to Sir Herschel. If it weren’t for his brilliance we would know nothing about Uranus,” said Admirals President Jon Greenberg.

The planet was initially titled Georgium Sidus (George’s Star), then it was later renamed after its founder Herschel, before finally being given the name we all know and love today. The planetary ice giant Uranus will be the theme for the evening festivities which will include: trivia, contests, and the King of Uranus himself will be in attendance!

Who is the King of Uranus you ask? Why that would be nationally renowned stand-up comedian and Milwaukee native Dobie Maxwell.

“It’s always funny when it comes from Uranus,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell began his comedy stage career in 1984 at the Sardino's On Farwell jazz club on the north side of Milwaukee. At that time he commenced his nationwide stage comedy career at some of the nation's top clubs, including the Hollywood Improv, Zanies in Chicago, the Punchline in Atlanta, and many more. Dobie has been a featured guest at several Hollywood celebrity conventions while continuing his stage and radio career.

One of the highlights of the evening will be during the second intermission for Thumbs Up Uranus. There will be seven contestants, signifying the seventh planet from the sun, and they will be give statements about Uranus. Contestants will hold their thumb up if they think the statement is true and put their thumb down if it’s false. Contestants who answer wrong are removed and those who get it right move on to the next round. The winner will receive a prize that is out of this world!

For tickets fans should call Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or by logging onto www.ticketmaster.com. Groups of 10 or more receive significant discounts off the original ticket price. For more information, or to purchase group tickets, fans can call the Admirals office at (414) 227-0550.

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