Making the Move FAQs

The Admirals are set to move to a new home at the UWM Panther Arena in 2016-17! How does this effect you, the fan? Take a look below and find out!

What are ticket prices?
For a list of individual ticket pricing, various ticket package pricing, and all the benefits that go with those great ticket packages click here.

How do the Admirals plan to relocate current Full- and Half-Season ticket holders?
All current ticket holders will be provided a “commitment form.” This commitment form is simply that, a form to let us know who is committed to purchasing season seats in 2016-17. A completed form with a $50 per seat down payment, coupled with your seniority as a season ticket holder, will determine your priority in picking seats.

How will Half-Season ticket packages work in the new arena?
We’ve eliminated the two Half-Season packages, and now offer one Half-Season ticket package that will feature 20 of our biggest games, including the home opener and the regular season finale. Like always, you can exchange any unused Half-Season ticket for another game, should you want something outside of your 20 games.

How can I make sure I’m sitting next to certain season ticket holders?
We love that you love those sitting near you. You’ve become your own little hockey family, and the last thing we want to do is break up that family. Simply let your account executive know what you’re thinking, and we’ll do our very best to ensure that all members of your hockey family are reunited and sitting together.

When can I visit the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and view possible seat locations?
In the very near future we’ll be announcing multiple seat viewing events, but feel free to organize a private viewing with your account executive.

Can I block specific seats if I have a Flex Plan?
The best way to ensure specific seats is with a Full- or Half-Season package. With bigger than ever discounts applied to these packages and new, more valuable benefits attached to them, a Full- or Half-Season package might make more sense than your current Flex Plan. For honest and upfront guidance on what plan makes the most sense for you, contact your account executive.

What’s the difference between a 20 game Half-Season package and a 20 Pack of Flex Plan vouchers?
A Half-Season package not only guarantees a specific seat for 20 of our biggest games, but it comes with a greater discount and more benefits than a 20 Pack of Flex Plan vouchers. And unlike an unused ticket obtained with a Flex Plan voucher, an unused Half-Season ticket can be exchanged for another game.

The 20 Pack of Flex Plan vouchers, like all of our Flex Plans, can be used to any game in any increment. This means the number of vouchers you exchange is based on how many tickets you need for that specific game. Plus, you get to pick the games you want to attend, as well as where you sit… provided no one else is sitting there, of course.

In short, the Half-Season gives you the same great seat for 20 games, while the 20 Pack of Flex Plan vouchers gives you 20 vouchers to use however you want over the course of the regular season. They’re both fan favorites, depending on the fan you ask.

Are there any new benefits with season tickets?
There are, and we’re so glad you asked! For a complete list of our benefits click here. Two big, new benefits to highlight are the $50 concession cards for Full-Seasons ($100 if you’re paid in full by July 1st) and merchandise discounts for Full- and Half-Season ticket holders.

Are there any special parking options for season ticket holders?
We’re currently working with the Wisconsin Center District to provide for purchase parking vouchers to the surface lot opposite the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena. While these vouchers would not guarantee a spot, they would offer a discount on spots, when available.
We will explore other nearby options, and keep season ticket holders up to date on potential parking partnerships.

How can I get season seats in ADA seating?
The UW-Milwaukee Panthers Arena is compliant with all American Disability Act (ADA) requirements as they apply to this specific arena, and as such the arena is equipped with ADA seating. These seats are reserved for ADA qualified fans and their guests, and are available for purchase through a season ticket package. To find the ADA seating and ticket package that best fits your needs, please contact your account executive.


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