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BLOG: Jon Reflects on Preds Run


by Admirals President Jon Greenberg. Send him your thoughts here!

So, I wanted to sleep on the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs rather than react right after the game. Here it goes.

It was an incredibly rewarding journey as a member of the Nashville Predators family. To watch so many players who have been part of the Milwaukee experience play such pivotal roles in getting to the Stanley Cup Final gives me great pride. These are really good people that I have enjoyed working with and to see them on that stage has been remarkable.

It was also awesome to see our hockey community grow and enjoy this ride together. The viewing parties have been so much fun.

Thanks to our partners at Steny's Tavern, Buck Bradley's and Major Goolsby's for making your establishments become headquarters for watching hockey.

Congrats to everyone at the Predators for making the world see what fun can be had when attending hockey games, regular season and playoffs. The Finals were an exclamation point for sure but the experience they've built there is one of a kind and should pay dividends for many years to come. They should definitely be given a standing ovation for what they've done! If you get a chance in the future, go to Nashville for a game. It's worth it.

Speaking of going to games, we want to work toward that type of experience here in Milwaukee. We need many more of you to help make that happen. We saw so many fresh faces at the viewing parties and around town. Come join our party too! Come see these guys before they get to the biggest stage! 88% of the players in the NHL played in the AHL. It happens here first so come check it out! We're affordable family fun!

Congrats to the Penguins on winning back to back Cups. It's not easy. It truly isn't. By the way, did you know that the game winning goal for Pittsburgh last night was by an Admirals alum? Yep, Patric Hornqvist was here during the 2008-09 season when he scored 17 goals.

So, as deflating as the end of the game/series/season was for me personally last night, a good night's sleep has given me perspective and the realization that what we all just witnessed was really cool and makes me feel very proud that we had a part in it.

It's Garage Sale day for our season ticket holders today. It'll be great to see them tonight and the general public tomorrow. Come on down!!

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