Doug Agnew

Doug Agnew // Athletic Trainer

Doug Agnew recently completed his 31st season as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Admirals. Agnew came to Milwaukee in 1989 when he was assigned to the Ads as a member of Vancouver Canucks organization as the Admirals served as the Canucks affiliate. Doug plays a pivotal role in keeping players in top physical condition through the grueling eighty-game schedule.

As athletic trainer Agnew is responsible for attending to injured players at all games, supervising players who are receiving physical rehabilitation to correct injuries, and, along with the strength and conditioning coach, designing and implementing a physical conditioning program for the players. In addition to his responsibilities with the players he is also accountable for ordering and stocking medical supplies.

Agnew attended college at Eastern Washington University and Selkirk College in British Columbia. He received his degree in athletic training from Sheridan College in Ontario in 1985. Doug spent time with the Victoria Cougars of the Western Hockey League and the Canadian National Lacrosse and Soccer teams before joining the Admirals.

Agnew and his wife Melanie have two daughters, Lauren and Lindsey and a son, Sandon.

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