Parking Options

Looking for the best place to park around the UW Panther Arena?

The Kilbourn parking lot (the surface lot South of the arena) will remain under construction for the entirety of the 21-22 season.

There are plenty of other parking options near by to help you park and get to a game on time.

Isaacs Parking Structure

Isaacs Parking offers deals on their parking packages.

Full Season Plan 36 Pack of Parking Vouchers – $432 (over a $720 value)

Half Season Plan 20 Pack of Parking Vouchers – $260 (over a $400 value)

Single Game Parking: Get any number of passes for $14 each.

Located at 330 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Convention Center Ramp

Parking is located at Convention Center Ramp (615 N. Vel R Philips) can be purchased for as low as $3. You can purchase your parking by clicking the “Discount Parking” link below or by scanning, with your phone, the QR code at the garage, on the game day you are attending and following the step-by-step instructions.

How to purchase:
• Click link below
• Enter Plate Number
• Click “Choose Rate”
• Click the red text that says “Add Promo”
• Enter: PWRPLY
• Click “Park For $3” or the amount
*It will ask for an email and cell phone number if you would like a receipt and expiry notification.


There is no shortage of parking surrounding the UW Panther Arena.

Use the Google Map below and find parking that suits your game day needs.