Panther Arena Sets New Security Details

Milwaukee, WI–In order to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests, the following safety and security measures are implemented at the Miller High Life Theatre and the UW Milwaukee Panther Arena.

Upon entry, all guests will be required to have their bags checked and pass through a metal detector. Metal detectors are an effective method for Event Security to safely screen guests and prevent prohibited items from entering the building. In order to increase the efficiency of these machines, guests are asked to keep the following guidelines in mind when attending an event:

• Arrive early in preparation for additional security measures

• Limit the number of personal items brought into the venue in order to expedite the screening process

• Please reference the prohibited items list for items not allowed into the facilities.

Once in the screening area:

• Make sure you have your ticket in hand or the ticket app open to your tickets

• Prepare for a bag check by Event Security

• Place your cell phone, camera and purse in a basket on the screening table and prepare to walk through the metal detector

• Guests will be subject to a secondary screening process if the alarm sounds when passing through the walk-through metal detecto

• An alternative security screening is available to guests who are: expectant mothers, wheelchair-bound or have a medical condition.


Click here for a list of prohibited items.

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