Admirals Account Manager Step By Step:

How to Upgrade Flex Vouchers

Step 1:

Select the voucher you want to exchange. Once on that page, select more (it’s 3 dots in a circle). 


Step 2:

2. Select seat(s) upgrade.


Step 3:

Select the seat you want to upgrade. Then Continue.


Step 4:

Select the new game date you wish to attend.


Step 5:

Pick your desired section on the seat map. The new seat(s) selected must be valued higher than the voucher you are exchanging.


Step 6:

Select the new seat(s) and then Add to Cart.


Step 7:

Select the Shopping Cart in the top right corner.  One open hit Continue.


Step 8:

Review the summary of your upgrade and then hit Next.


Step 9:

Select add a new card and add card information or select a card saved on the account.


Step 10:

Select Pay Today and complete the steps on the next page.


Step 11:

You will receive a confirmation email detailing the upgrade following submitting the order.