Congrats Doug!

The End of an Era...

A message to Admirals Fans from the newest Admirals Alum: Athletic Trainer Doug Agnew

The Road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee; it says so on the Admirals locker room wall. Well, after 32 seasons, 2,487 regular season games and many more playoff games, I’m finally hitting that “Road,” as I am leaving the Admirals for a position on the Nashville Predators’ medical staff.

People always ask me how I could stay in the same job for so many years with the Admirals. It’s no secret, I am fortunate to have the four essential ingredients for a long and happy career. First and foremost, a loving, supportive family. My wife Melanie and I have raised three great children, Lauren, Lindsey, and Sandon, during my Admirals tenure, who, like me, are all now out creating their own successes. Second, I love the job. Third, I love Milwaukee, and fourth, I love of the people I work with.

So why the change now, after all these wonderful years in the Admirals organization?

Well, as it was when I originally came to Milwaukee; when a NHL team asks if you’re interested, you quickly respond “of course, hell yay!”. It was a call from legendary Vancouver Canucks GM Pat Quinn in 1989 that gave me the opportunity to join the Admirals, and it was a similar call this summer from Predators Assistant GM Brian Poile that has allowed me to achieve my career dream to work in the NHL.

I will certainly miss many things about Milwaukee on my new endeavor. I want to give a huge shout out to the medical professionals that help on game nights, always giving their valuable time to the players. I will miss the city of Milwaukee that has changed so much over the years. I will miss the comforts of a training room I helped design, and I will miss the friendships in the front office (I knew I could never challenge Wojo’s record of number of Admirals seasons worked).


Finally, and most importantly, I will certainly miss the Admirals fans and friendships that supported me these many hockey seasons, the familiar faces behind the glass and the “high fives” down the tunnel on my way to the ice. The Milwaukee Admirals will always be in my heart and in my soul.

Thank you, everyone, for the respect you’ve shown me. I would also like to wish the whole Admirals organization the very best of luck for the future and, whenever anyone wants to talk 32 years of Admirals Hockey, I’m just up the “Road”.

And so it begins,

Forever yours,


Doug Agnew

Admirals Trainer 1989-2021