Join us for the 2024 Admirals Concert series featuring Tesla, Cheap Trick, Jackson Dean, and Nate Smith!

All that is required to attend is a ticket to the day’s Admirals game but Ice Passes may be purchased to upgrade your concert view to right in front of the stage on the ice!

Postgame Performer

Game Date


Ice Passes

Nate Smith

Saturday, March 23

Admirals Post-Game Concert Setup:

Concert FAQs:

Q: Do you need an extra ticket to attend Admirals post-game concerts?

A: No, all you need to attend our post-game concerts is a ticket to the Admirals game.

Q: How is the stage set up for postgame concerts?

A: Once the Admirals game is complete the stage will be set up on the North end of the ice, in front of section 216.

Q: When will the concert start?

A: Generally, postgame concerts will begin 20-30 minutes following the conclusion of the Admirals game.

Q: How long are Admirals postgame concerts?

A: Our postgame concerts will last between 60-90 minutes.

Q: Can I bring my food or drink on the ice?

A: No, food and beverages are not allowed on the ice during post-game concerts.  You will be asked to either finish your items before you proceed onto the ice or dispose of them.

Q: What is an Ice Pass?

A: Ice Pass holders are able to go on to a carpeted area in front of the stage to watch Admirals post-game concerts.  There are two versions of Admirals Ice Passes; Premium and Standard.  Ice passes are standing-room only.

Q: What is the difference between and Premium Ice Pass and a Standard Ice Pass?

A: Our Premium Ice Passes are limited to 50 per concert and guarantee the holder the area closest to the stage.  Standard Ice Passes are limited to 350 per concert and are slightly further away from the stage.

Q: Can you enter at any time?

A: Fans may enter the UWM Panther arena any time starting 1 hour before game time through the end of the concert.