Dog Day FAQ

Welcome to Sendik’s Dog Day!

Before you and your canine bestie come down and take in a game together, here are a few things you should know!

  1. All dogs must enter through the State Street entrance. This entrance is located across the street from the vacant Bradley Center lot.
  2. “Doggy Will Call” will be at the State Street entrance as well, please do not go to normal will call.
  3. Dog carriers are allowed (no backpacks).  Security will search all carriers upon arrival.
  4. Once you enter the building, please stay to your right. Dogs are only permitted on the West side of the building.
  5. Dog tickets are good for general admission in the 400 level on both sides of the building. You can find the 400 level by going up the ramp on either side after entering the building.
  6. If your dog needs some fresh air, there is a patch of grass located directly between the UW Panther Arena and the Miller High Life  Theater. You can access this patch by finding the red room (outside of section 208) and exiting to the south. This area is normally known as Roscoe’s Interactive Zone.
  7. Please be sure to pick up after your pet.
  8. Please follow all designated signs, to see where your good boy or girl can and cannot go.

*Fans who are in need of an elevator will be allowed to use the Kilbourn entrance.*

Finally, choose your seat and enjoy the game!