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Wear Ads gear. Get a free ticket!

Get Caught! wearing Ads apparel this summer and win a free ticket!

For the rest of the summer you’re going to want to wear your Admirals gear.
Wear your gear while you’re out and about, get spotted by and Admirals representative and get a free ticket. It’s as easy as that.
While you’re out at the grocery store, wear an Ads branded hat and if one of our reps sees you, they’ll hand you a free ticket!
Have an Ads jersey? Wear it in public and if someone from our organization sees you, FREE TICKET!
Have a leash with our logo on it? Walk your dog and if someone who works here sees you, FREE TICKET!



You don’t own Admirals apparel?
We’ll have $5 tees for sale at the Wisconsin State Fair.
Purchase the shirt, wear it around town, Get Caught! and you too can get a free ticket.