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Chemistry Key to Line Success

by Meghan Rock

Team chemistry is one of the keys to success on and off of the ice. The strengthened bond between players and the coaching staff creates a conscious communication to reach the ultimate common end goal.

For the Admirals, the end goal is reaching the playoffs and ultimately playing for the Calder Cup.

The off-ice commonalities and chemistry between Tanner Jeannot (LW), Josh Wilkins (C) and Mathieu Olivier’s (RW) line, has helped shape Milwaukee’s identity and success during its historic 50th season.


All three forwards were born in 1997; the year of the ox. It is Milwaukee’s only line where all players were born in the same year.

“97’s we’re a year where we played, especially in juniors, that old style of hockey,” said Mathieu Olivier. “We also experienced the new style of hockey with the guys that were born in 2000 / 2001.”

The new style of hockey isn’t axed physicality entirely, rather skills and a high hockey IQ.

The trio plays a hybrid between the two styles of hockey. Growing up playing both styles has provided the line with an adequate balance of skill and determination.

“Our line has really shown an identity of what we like to do and how we like to play,” said Jeannot.

The Jeannot, Wilkins and Olivier line combines for 17g and 32a this season.

Winning the Lottery:

Another commonality among Milwaukee’s offensive line, is the first thing they would buy if they won the lottery. Despite what some may think, the three don’t crave exotic sports cars or luxury items, rather a basic necessity of life.

A waterfront property to share with family and friends.

“It shows that we all have the same type of values,” said Jeannot. “The type of people we are and the bonds we like to make with each other.”

Through shared values, the two wingers, Jeannot and Olivier possess a parallel way of thinking.

“We have the same style of play. When we get on the ice, it is easy to feed off of each other because we’ll be thinking the same way. We’ll be trying to make plays that are very similar,” said Olivier.

While Jeannot and Olivier continue to dominate the simple and physical game on the wings, Wilkins adds an element of control and skill. The three drawl and learn from one another for success on the ice, which ultimately stems back to their character and core values.

Road Trips

Between October 6 and April 1, the Admirals will have played 38 regular season games on the road.

Whether the team travels by bus or plane, the players have to pass the time by other than sleeping and staring out the window at the scenery rush by.

“It’s taking the time to build relationships on a personal level, not just hockey or any business stuff,” said Jeannot.

Between team dinners at restaurants or just hanging out in each other’s rooms, every player gets involved. The chemistry from these outings not only translates on the Jeannot, Wilkins and Olivier line, but the entire Admirals bench.

“It’s definitely a part of what goes on, on the ice because you care more. You care about your teammates and the whole team’s success,” said Olivier. “When you get on the ice you are definitely more invested.”

The Admirals will continue to build their road chemistry, as they begin a five-game road trip when they travel to Colorado to face the Eagles on Saturday.

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