Jon Greenberg

Jon Greenberg // President

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1.      Where are you from?

Live in St. Francis, WI

2.      Where did you go to college?  What is your degree in?

UW-Milwaukee. Mass Communication, Class of 1989.

3.      What is your position at the Admirals and how long have you been with the Milwaukee Admirals?

President since April, 2005

4.      Is cereal soup? Why or why not? 

NO!!!!  Cereal can be eaten dry.  Try that with soup!

5.      How long do you think you’d survive a zombie apocalypse? Explain?

About 30 seconds.  I am not as fleet of foot as I used to be.

7.      Do you think penguins have knees?  Why or why not?

Nope. A waddler’s legs don’t bend.

8.      What do you want to be remembered for? 

For being a nice guy who puts others first.

9.      Which species would be the rudest if all animals could talk?

Humans.  Wait, that’s not what was asked.  Laughing hyena I would imagine.

10.  What color would you like if you had to eat a crayon straight from the box and why? 

Orange.  I assume it tastes like the fruit.

11.  What’s the worst tagline you can think of for a wart removal cream company?

“You really should have this removed.  We’re not kidding. It’s embarrassing.”

12.  What would you do if you could replace all of the grass on the planet with something else, and why?

Trampoline.  Just picture everyone bounding around like that.

13.  If you could be in any movie, what would it be and why?

I would have loved to have been in any stupid humor movie as that’s my level.  Airplane, Spaceballs, Talladega Nights.  Love to laugh and being on set with those characters would have been so much fun.

14.  What superhero/villain would make the best therapist and why?

Superman. He could see right through to the core of the problem at hand.

15.  What is the weirdest thing you have eaten and did you enjoy it?

Elk loin.  It wasn’t too bad.

16.  Would you rather walk around with a salad for a head or broccoli for arms and why? 

Broccoli because I despise salad.

17.  If you played hockey, what would your goal song be?

Cold Shot by Stevie Ray Vaughn

18.  What is one completely useless thing that you can spend hours doing? 

Scrolling through videos from “Whose Line is it Anyway?”  Been in that rabbit hole many times.

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