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Admirals Account Manager Step By Step:

How to Exchange Flex Vouchers

Please Note: To complete a Flex Voucher exchange on Admirals Account Manager, the seats selected must be the same value as the Flex Vouchers you are exchanging. If you’d like to exchange your vouchers for tickets with a higher value please follow the Flex Voucher Upgrade instructions found here.

Step 1:

Select the voucher you want to exchange. Once on that page, select more (it’s 3 dots in a circle). 


Step 2:

Select Exchange. 


Step 3:

Select the voucher seat you want to exchange. Then Continue. 


Step 4:

Scroll to find your desired game and press Select Event.


Step 5:

Pick a section on the seat map.


Step 6:

Select your seat(s) and Add to Cart.


Step 7:

Select the Shopping Cart in the top right corner and then Continue.


Step 8:

Review the summary of your exchange and, if correct, hit Submit.


Step 9:

Verify there is no payment required and then Place Order.


Step 10:

Enjoy the game! You will receive a confirmation email detailing the exchange following submitting your order.