Top 25 Plays of the Year

We’re counting down the Top 25 plays of the 21-22 season! Each day, we will feature a new play that stood out from this season until we reach #1 of our list! Can you guess what our #1 play of the season is??

#25: Cole Smith’s Penalty Shot Goal in OT to beat Manitoba on November 5

#24: Mitch McLain’s check against Colorado on February 27

#23: Mathieu Olivier and Michael McCarron’s double hit against Iowa on December 10

#22: Matt Luff’s Third Period Goal Against the Wolves on February 5

#21: Josh Healey’s Big Hit Against the Wild on April 16

#20: Cody Glass’ One-Timer Goal To Defeat the Moose on April 8

#19: Kole Sherwood’s Goal Against Iowa on April 16

#18: Cole Schneider’s Game-Tying PP Goal Against Colorado on January 15

#17: Connor Ingram’s Save Against the Stars on January 19

#16: Josh Healey’s Massive Hit Against Rockford on January 28

#15: Jeremy Davies’ Slick Goal Against Texas on March 4

#14: Devin Cooley’s Incredible Save Against Grand Rapids on December 22

#13: Connor Ingram’s Crucial Save Against The Griffins on January 26

#12: Mitch McLain’s Shorthanded Goal Against Grand Rapids on January 1

#11: Matt Donovan’s Hit Against Chicago on May 22

#10: Devin Cooley’s Glove Save Against Manitoba on May 6

#9: Connor Ingram’s Stick Save Against the Moose on November 5

#8: Matt Donovan’s Graceful Rebound Goal Against Grand Rapids on March 6

#7: Devin Cooley’s Gorgeous Pad Save Against Grand Rapids on January 1

#6: Anthony Richard’s Backhand OT Winner Against Rockford on January 28

#5: Cole Schneider’s Goal Against Texas on February 12

#4: Rocco Grimaldi’s Spin-o-Rama Goal Against Iowa on December 11

#3: Mathieu Olivier Takes Down an Icehog on March 11

#2: Anthony Richard wins it in OT against Cleveland on January 7

#1: Cole Smith races past three Manitoba Moose to score this stunning goal on February 23